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At CS Consulting, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our services have a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you succeed. In order to empower our customers to grow, CS Consulting is continually building upon its technology Services


Designing a system tailored to a clients needs can be tired some and complicated. Many aspects go into a properly designed system that only a highly skilled systems engineer can account for and overcome when physical limitations arise. CS Consulting's System Engineers and CS Design Services can bring your user to a whole new level of integration technology.



Wouldn't it be cool that when you select a source in your space that the; lights automatically adjust for optimal viewing experience, the shades drop to keep unwanted light-rays from washing out your video display, the video display turns on and sets to the correct input, the volume level is set for optimal listening level, the user has all the controls of the source, Lighting, Shades, HVAC all at their fingertips of their mobile device?



With a properly designed system in place, changing configurations becomes a easily manageable task, and an achievable vision. If the end user has a task they wish to achieve quickly and efficiently we can configure the system to do this task for them.



From configuring a small router to Wi-Fi, VLANs, Managed Switches, or enterprise AV over IP, we have you covered. 


DSP Programming

QSC Qsys, BSS, Biamp DSP, Symetrix DSP, Crestron Avia, and more...Let us assist you and get your audio signal path the best it possibly can be.


Automation/Control System Programming

 Crestron, Qsys, AMX, Kramer, RTI, URC, Compass Control, and more…. Whatever control system your project needs we can help.


Commissioning Support

Say you get stuck on a part of commissioning a project, our team of engineers can be on standby to help you through any issues that arise.


Advanced Technical Support

Supporting any and all of your questions, CS Consulting can help guide you through your dilemma. Whether it is a physical cabling pinout, setting up a VLANs, or troubleshooting a problem. CS Consulting can be "that guy" in your back pocket.

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